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Fumigation is the most effective way to eliminate dry-wood termite infestations attacking your property. Since the whole structure is covered, the fumigant gas is able to penetrate all walls and inaccessible areas that are not able to be seen during a standard inspection. Bugmasters uses fumigants with the active ingredient sulfuryl fluoride; a colorless, odorless gas that has been researched in universities for over 50 years. The gas is non-staining, noncorrosive, and nonflammable. Once the tenet is removed the gas will quickly dissipate from the structure into the atmosphere and does not damage the ozone layer. 

The Fumigation Process


Install Fumigation tarps and fans. Seal the structure to prevent any unwanted leaks.

Release fumigant gas into the structure. 



Fumigation crew will return to the property to start the ventilation process.

During ventilation the tent will remain on the property.



Fumigation crew will return to remove the tarps, test the air, and certify the structure is ready for re-entry.


After the fumigation is complete the crew will leave a certificate of completion on your front door. You need to keep and provide this certificate to the Gas Company or they will not turn your gas lines back on. 

Protect your home from termites.
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